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Unicode art gallery

Currently the Unicode art gallery is very small, so everything is displayed here on one page.  As the collection increases, this section will be re-organized.

A graphical version of the Unicode art is also included directly below the UTF-8 representations in case your web browser doesn't display some (or all) of the Unicode characters used (if Unicode isn't fully supported by your web browser, please contact the browser software vendor and ask them to add full UTF-8 support in the next version).

Unicode text (above) and .PNG image (below) Description
Title:  Ice cream on a cone
Author:  Randolf Richardson
Serial number:  1
Date:  2005-May-01
Style:  Proportional
Unicodes:  20h, 56h, 488h
⋰ ⑊

Title:  Star Trek (original series) - a three-way battle between the U.S.S. Enterprise, a Romulan Bird of Prey, and a Klingon Battle Cruiser
Author:  Randolf Richardson
Serial number:  2
Date:  2005-May-04
Style:  Fixed-width
Unicodes:  20h, 436h, 46Bh, 22C5h, 22F0h, 244Ah, 10014h
       ⁔ .⋅⋅.⋅⋅.⋅⋅,             ☀
     ⁔⧸━┱──────    ⋱
   ⁔⧸˭  ┃           ⦚
 ⁔⧸˭    ┃           ꆜ

Title:  Swimmer leaps from a diving board on a clear, sunny day
Author:  Randolf Richardson
Serial number:  3
Date:  2005-May-05
Style:  Fixed-width
Unicodes:  20h, 2Ch, 2Eh, 2EDh, 153Fh, 2054h, 22C5h, 22F1h, 2500h, 2501h, 2503h, 250Fh, 2513h, 2531h, 2533h, 254Bh, 2600h, 299Ah, 29F8h, A19Ch, FEFFh


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