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Resources - ASCII art

ArkWorld - ASCII Art
Famous cartoon characters (popular among both children and adults, often seen in movie theatres and on television), beautifully coloured -- an excellent example of full-colour renderred ASCII art.

ASCII Art Dictionary
An extensive collection of ASCII art pictures by various artists.  Some ASCII animations and other related information is also included.

ASCII Generator
Generates enlarged/artistic versions of ASCII characters using more ASCII characters.  Try typing your name and select "_all fonts with your text_" to see a really good example of all the available fonts at once.

ASCII - movies, animations, etc.
A web site designed entirely in traditional black & white ASCII, with an interesting twist -- JavaScript Animations that push the limits of ASCII art without sacrificing perfection.  Although this web site it not in English, it's worth looking at because the mere quality of the animations is fast and smooth.

Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection
Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection was revealed to internet users in November of 1994, when Netscape v1.0 was rapidly gaining popularity over Mosaic.  At this time Internet Explorer, which was later purchased by Microsoft, didn't even exist.

JPeG to ASCII - Art Gallery
An online gallery of JPeG images (submitted from the general public) to full-colour ASCII art (the colours are implemented using HTML); some images include descriptions (below the image).  You can also rate each image through a simple and convenient voting system.

The Great ASCII Art Library
An extensive, searchable library of ASCII art in many forms that even includes animations (JavaScript must be enabled for the animations to work).

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