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To submit Unicode art (or ASCII art) to the gallery, send an eMail with a file attached in one of the supported formats (listed below) containing your Unicode art submission to us at gallery@unicodeart.com and indicate in the body of the message who deserves the credit for it (include your web site URI if you'd like us to include a link from your Unicode Artist Profile).

  • .TXT - Native ASCII or UTF-8 text file (must be encoded as a binary)
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format
  • .UTX - SC UniPad Document (native UTF-8)
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • .BMP - BitMaP Format (please compress if you can't use .PNG instead)
  • .GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • .JPG or .JPeG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

If using .TXT format, please make sure your eMail program encodes the file as a binary.  If your eMail program doesn't have an option for this, then it's safe to assume that it doesn't have this option, in which case you should compress it using a file archiver such as ARJ, PKZIP, RAR, etc., so that your eMail will send it as a binary.  If not properly encoded, the file could be damaged, truncated, etc., depending on a wide range of factors.

If using .BMP format, it is important to note that .BMP files are very wasteful of disk space and bandwidth.  If you can't use an alternate format, such as .PNG, then please do try to compress it using a file archiver such as ARJ, PKZIP, RAR, etc.


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