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FAQ - Technical implementation

Technical implementation

Why doesn't my web browser display Unicode characters?

You may need to configure your web browser software to use UTF-8 encoding (make a note of the current setting before changing this setting in case you need to change it back for other web sites).  This web site sets the default encoding to UTF-8, but manual configuration is still sometimes required because not all web browsers adjust automatically.

If your web browser still doesn't display Unicode characters properly, you'll will most likely need to contact the organization or open source group who produces the web browser for further assistance.  If they don't currently have full Unicode support, consider asking them to include a complete implementation in the next release of their web browser software.

Why doesn't my Operating Systems display Unicode characters?

For some Operating Systems the Unicode support is available by simply installing support for additional languages (you will probably need to have the original installation CDs handy when you do this).  Unfortunately we don't have specific instructions on how to do this because there are so many different Operating Systems (and so many different versions) that each implementation this differently, so you'll need to contact your designated technical support people for direction.

If your Operating System vendor doesn't support Unicode, consider asking them to include a complete implementation in the next release of their Operating System software.


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